Mixed-Race Binary Heterosexual Asthmatic Older Artist Reacts to Mindless YouTube Reaction Videos

I’ll offer all the appropriate grunts, groans, profane words, mindless comments, and other non-relevant garbage included in glut of the non-educational reaction videos being produced on YouTube currently. If you are anxious for those choice reactive tidbits, jump to the paragraph near the bottom of the piece where I have conveniently included them all in a single paragraph. I can’t include all the gratuitous head bobbing and idiotic facial expressions, so you’ll just have to use your own imaginations to supplement the limitations of the written word.

There is an epidemic emerging …

… that is not tragic or significant as our current world viral pandemic, but is annoying in its own right, that is originating on YouTube. There is a glut of “Reaction Videos” being produced and posted on YouTube by people whose professional qualifications are highly questionable. The majority of these videos are produced with minimal production values, and often look kitschy and amateurish. Some are far worse.

The idea that record labels, recording artists, and other people interested in their intellectual properties being “reacted to” might want to request that YouTube demonetize or remove such videos shouldn’t come as any surprise to these videos’ dim-witted creators. They offer no transformation, no relevant commentary or educational context, and often play entire videos, only stopping to offer grunts, groans, profanity, and other uninformed comments, which hardly qualifies as legal “fair use.”

Before anyone gets chaffed about the two links presented as background for this piece featuring people of color (as I am also a person of color — a mix of Anglo-Celtic, Franco, and black African ancestry), let me make it clear that the creators of these atrocious videos run across the entire spectrum of race, religions, genders, sexual preferences, ages…



Jeffrey P. Colin/JP Colin Design

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